Two more postdoctoral associate positions are available in the laboratory of Dr. Xiaobing Zhang in the Department of Psychology and Program in Neuroscience at Florida State University. The Zhang lab is interested in studying neural circuits for controlling emotion and motivation. Our research projects currently focus on the neurobiology of motivated food intake and eating disorders. We combine cutting-edge technologies and behavioral approaches to dissect neural circuits for normal food intake and synaptic dysfunctions that lead to obesity and eating disorders (Nat Neuroscience 2016; Science 2017; Neuropsychopharmacology 2021; J Physiology 2021; J Neuroscience 2022; Molecular Metabolism 2022). 

      Candidates with a Ph.D. degree in Neuroscience/ Neurobiology/ Neurophysiology/ Neuropharmacology or related disciplines are encouraged to apply. Experience in stereotactic brain surgery of mice, regular behavioral tests, slice patch-clamp recording, and in vivo fiber photometry is preferred but not required. A record of excellence and productivity in research, and the ability to lead work independently are required. The successful applicant will join our collaborative team to employ start-of-the-art tools such as fiber photometry, optogenetics, chemogenetics, and slice electrophysiology for our research goal. The highly motivated postdoc will also have opportunities to pursue follow-on/early career funding based on current projects or other ongoing research initiatives. We strongly encourage candidates with experience in studying the neurobiology of emotion and motivation to apply for the positions.

      The positions are funded by two newly funded NIH R01 grants and the salary will be competitive based on the NIH standard and the candidate’s experience. To apply, interested applicants should send their cover letter including research experience and interests, CV, and 2-3 references to Dr. Xiaobing Zhang via email: xzhang@psy.fsu.edu.



We are recruiting graduate students who are interested in the neurobiology of food intake and eating disorders. Interested applicants can contact Dr. Xiaobing Zhang for the details and apply through the FSU Program in Neuroscience



We always welcome undergraduate students interested in fundamental neuroscience to join us for their DIS study in the lab. Please contact Dr. Xiaobing Zhang by email with your CV and explain why you are interested in our lab.



A full-time research technician position is currently available in the lab now. Anyone with a bachelor's degree in biology or a related discipline is encouraged to apply. Previous experience with studies in rodents is required. If interested, please send your CV and 2 references to Dr. Xiaobing Zhang.